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A True Collaboration

This is truly a research partnership, a collaboration of excellence. Leading scientists from Minnesota's top medical institutions, one public, one private, are coming together to make discoveries that neither could accomplish alone. Each year, multiple investigative teams submit applications for consideration by the Partnership's leaders. This competitive process allows the best science to emerge. Its investigators are awarded foundational funding to make findings that will grow knowledge and lead to greater support and discoveries.

Each team of co-investigators (one from each institution) proposes a project that could not be done without collaboration. The University may offer a certain technical expertise, Mayo may provide clinical research opportunities. Whatever the combination, the project leverages the strengths of each partner and each institution. Projects are also selected for their likelihood of finding practical application or commercialization. Each project team receives support for two years, so there is always an ongoing group of teams and a new team emerging each year.

Genomics and Biotechnology

Biotechnology is a collection of technologies that capitalize on the attributes of cells, such as their manufacturing capabilities, and our biological molecules, such as DNA and proteins to work for us. Medical Genomics pinpoints the normal and abnormal functions of individual genes and uses the information to diagnose and treat diseases. In essence, it is medicine tailored to each individual based on that person’s unique genome. Together, biotechnology and medical genomics will rank among the most important scientific breakthroughs in history.

The University of Minnesota and Mayo Clinic have already invested nearly a half-billion dollars in biotechnology and medical genomics. This partnership, combined with the financial commitment from the state is enabling Minnesota to compete and emerge as a world leader in this field, and will continue to build upon Minnesota's national reputation for health care excellence.