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Our Research

Minnesota Partnership research teams are accomplishing much for the people of Minnesota and patients everywhere. Scientific publications from these collaborators begin to appear during the two-year period of their research grant, but many findings surface after the teams obtain new sources of long-term funding, often from the National Institutes of Health. Still, they give credit to the Partnership seed money that allow them to launch their ideas and develop the initial data and papers that led to their federal support.

Discoveries have included:

  • Identification of biomarkers for aggressive prostate cancer
  • Improved methods for visualizing Alzheimer’s disease in real time
  • A potential antidote for cocaine poisoning
  • Potential new therapy for mesothelioma
  • A diagnostic “fingerprint” for an autoimmune disease
  • A potential insecticide that is non-toxic to humans
  • Neurological mechanisms affecting obesity
  • Small-molecule inhibitors as anti-cancer drugs