• More Than the Sum of Its Parts

    Stephen Brimijoin, Ph.D., a Mayo Clinic pharmacologist, discovered a surprising similarity between cocaine addiction and weight control. He was using an enzyme mutated to break down cocaine faster. So, at […]

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  • Smart Fabric

    It’s not always about new discoveries – it is figuring out how to apply existing technology in innovative ways. That is what a team from the University of Minnesota and […]

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  • Malaria Detecting Lasers

    Developing new diagnostic technologies involves both scientific research and clinical applicability. That is why the partnership between John Bischof, Ph.D., a mechanical engineer at the University of Minnesota, and Bobbi […]

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  • Genetic Signature for Multiple Myeloma

    Each patient is unique, and so is their response to treatment. Shaji Kumar, M.D., Brian Van Ness, Ph.D., and Jin Jen, M.D., Ph.D., are working to identify a set of […]

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Latest News

  • Minnesota Microscopy

    Ever since Antonie van Leeuwenhoek spotted “animalcules” with his first crude microscope lens, microscopy has been a mainstay of the science of small. In the 19th century, optical microscopes were […]

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Partnership Mission

A Minnesota initiative leveraging the scientific leadership of the University of Minnesota and Mayo Clinic into a powerful research collaboration which has positioned Minnesota as a world leader in biotechnology and medical genomics.

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